Reset tyre pressure monitoring system RAV4 Hybrid

Since I forget the procedure every year and the instruction booklet is wrong:

  • Keep foot off brake
  • Press start button twice. Systems are “on” but not in drive-mode.
  • The yellow tyre warning light is flashing, most likely
  • Search frantically for hidden button on steering column somewhere around your knees. It was the least accessible place in the car, that’s why it was chosen.
  • Press minimum 3 times in quick succession. This apparently is the key. You have to be fast
  • Yellow light should now flash slowly, and then do whatever, and after a while the light goes out
  • done

Now wait until the next change of season and attendant change of tyres.

The “solution” reveals the poor systems integration of the Toyota. Clearly the tyre pressure monitoring system is a subsystem bought from a vendor. All Toyota does is connect one wire to the hidden button and one wire to the orange symbol on the dashboard, and who cares about the owner’s experience? (similarly, the parking sensors moan about being blocked by dirt/slush when you’re doing 90km/h )

This is one area where Tesla differs. In a Tesla, the central computer would have access to the TPMS and be able to deduce that ALL 4 sensors were not showing flat tyres, but new IDs, hence the tyres must have been changed…


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