Tits & Clits (Stephen Jay Gould in memoriam)

Schoutbynacht is a big fan of the late Stephen Jay Gould´s popular writings.

One of Gould´s essays is called “Male nipples and clitoral ripples”, since his wife thought the more catchy “clits & tits” was a bit too much. The essay is about economy of genetic description, and how the architecture of man and woman is very similar. This explains why men have nipples, even if they don´t serve a purpose. The description is there in  our genes, which is much easier to “do” than to delete the entire organ. The difference is that  the milk glands do not develop in males. Similarly, our genitals are very similar at an early stage of life, and then mature along different paths. To make a long story short, the penis corresponds to the clit, and they have very similar structures, and in particular, are connected to the brain by a huge number of nerves. Basically, the clit is the main source of orgasm in females, which is a bit of a pity since it does not get much stimulation in normal intercourse. Presumably Gould´s wife benefited from his insights into the female anatomy, an insight Gould must have shared with the manufacturers of battery-powered vibrators. Vigorous stimulation of the clit is the key to success. Which implies that in addition to intercourse, a separate phase of love-making is called for, whose focus is solely to bring the female to climax.

There are articles that describe the clit in more detail – in particular, it turns out to have a large hidden structure under the skin, so to speak, which probably explains why intercourse in itself is also pleasurable, and can make a woman orgasm from the inside. Gould did not write about this, but you can explore it yourself.

To sum up, the old “wham bang thank you ma´m” just does not cut it. To love a woman properly takes more than that.