e-tec oils xd50 xd100 and winterization

( do not rely on this to make decisions about your own engine)

Update Aug. 2018: Three seasons the engine has been running on xd100 oil with the xd50 setting. Hasn´t blown up yet.

The Evinrude e-tec uses direct oil injection, similar to other modern two-strokes like the Mercury Optimax (they are also similar in using direct fuel injection, though injection pressure is different).

The e-tec can use both the xd50 semisynthetic and xd100 synthetic oils. The former is a standard two stroke oil compliant with the TC-W3 specification, the bread and butter of two stroke oils. The xd100 is fully synthetic and allows the e-tec to run on a leaner setting, and it´s probably also less smelly in its own right.

The e-tec brain has two settings, xd50 OR xd100-

Setting: “xd50”: you can use the xd50 oil or the xd100 oil

Setting: “xd100”: you can only use the xd100 oil (since less oil is supplied and has to be of a higher quality)

When going from xd50 to xd100, it is OK to have a small amount of xd50 left in the tank; it seems you can simply run the xd50 low in the tank and fill up with xd100.

For cold weather, 5 deg Centigrade and less, xd100 seems to be recommended.


  1. Fully open fast idle lever
  2. Start engine
  3. Wait about 15 seconds until lights go out on speedo
  4. Quickly close fast idle lever
  5. Wait about 15 seconds until lights go out on speedo
  6. Fully open fast idle lever again
  7. The engine now revs up while the warning lights flash, and after a few minutes engine shuts down automatically
  8. Done

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